BDporc incorporates the Autonomous Community of Galicia in its farm benchmarking reports

BDporc has incorporated in the first quarterly report of 2020 for all companies, the geographical reference group of ‘Galicia’. After the accession in 2019 of new Galician farms to the Spanish Pig Reference Database – BDporc, it has meant an increase in the representativeness of the number of sows analyzed from this Community and consequently of its results. Specifically, 42% of the breeding census of the Community has been analyzed, which has led to the incorporation of this new reference group.
The BDporc results of the geographical reference group ‘Galicia’ correspond to the analysis of 41 farms and 41,984 sows, in the period from 01/04/19 to 31/03/20. The results of some of the main technical indexes of this new group are as follows: 28.68 piglets weaned per sow at first service per year, 89.23% farrowing rate, 24 days of lactation duration, 8.02 non-productive days per cycle, 24.81 months of sow age at first farrowing and a longevity of 54.73 piglets weaned per sow at first farrowing.
We would like to thank all Galician companies and farmers for participating and supporting BDporc, seeing it as a tool for monitoring and promoting efficiency.
This new reference information will undoubtedly be very useful for all farmers, to position and compare themselves, to continue to improve constantly and to help them make decisions in day-to-day technical and economic management.