What do we offer at BDporc?

BDporc is a representative and reference information system for the sector that collects and analyzes technical and production data breeding sow farms. On the one hand, we provide reference information and tools to help in decision making in order to know and evaluate the relative situation of the member farms in relation to the standards of the sector and, on the other hand, we act as a global national observatory, making it possible to know the situation of the sector and to carry out statistics and research.


We make confidential quarterly reports to the companies with their results and the values of different reference groups for individual analysis and comparative analysis (benchmarking) of the farm/company with respect to the average of farms with the same characteristics.

Personalized consultation and decision support tools

A private area (intranet) allows access to all historical and updated information on the member’s farms. The intranet part also has visualization and decision-making tools for the analysis of company and farm data and the systematic comparison with the values of the desired reference groups and indicators.

BDporc Newsletter and Porc d’Or Awards

Companies affiliated to BDporc periodically receive the BDporc Newsletter with the latest technical-productive results of the main reference groups and the latest news.
BDporc member farms have the opportunity to participate annually in the Porc d’Or White-Cap or Iberian Pork Awards.

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