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Since the 1990s, the BDporc information system has been a platform that collects and analyzes technical and productive data from pig breeding farms. BDporc provides member companies with results and benchmarking information to help them in their decision making processes. In turn, it provides administrations and sectoral associations with information on reference technical-productive data on the pig sector.

The BDporc information system is managed by IRTA with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and ANPROGAPOR.

Since 2012, the Spanish Iberian Swine Database (BDporc Ibérico) has also been incorporated. Nowadays, the White Pig BDporc and the Iberian BDporc host the data of almost one million animals, which represents more than 50% of the national census of sows. Since 2015, BDporc also manages data from Portugal and Colombia, through agreements between IRTA and their respective associations at the national level.

Photo: Laura Varela

BDporc has been, throughout its almost 30 years of history, the main platform for the evaluation of the different technical aspects of swine production and for carrying out various research projects for the sector. Besides the productive information for technical-economic management that is received automatically from the different farm management programs, BDporc also houses a large amount of information collected through characterization questionnaires or evaluation visits, related to health, animal welfare, biosecurity measures, environmental impact, facilities and other management aspects. The possibilities offered by BDporc for studies on nutrition, genetics or animal health and their productive impact are innumerable.

BDporc allows pig companies to know and evaluate the relative situation of their farms in relation to industry benchmarks. Moreover, in addition to the reports sent quarterly, BDporc provides the member companies with an
private area
(intranet) with access to all the historical and updated information of the member’s farms. In the intranet part there are visualization tools for the automatic analysis of the data of the company and its farms and the systematic comparison with the values of the desired reference groups.

Last but not least, the best pig farms receive their recognition at the annual edition of the Porc d’Or Awards, consolidated as events of great importance for the Pig Sector and its image. Participating in the Porc d’Or Awards represents the visualization of the company, an unique opportunity for farms to be recognized among the best within their category at a national level.

The Porc d’Or awards are an event to meet the professionals of the sector with the primary purpose of recognizing the effort, dedication and passion of the best farmers! The Porc d’Or white pig Awards were created in 1994 and in 2017 the Porc d’Or Iberian pig Awards.

BDporc is an information platform at the service of the sector of inestimable value due to its representativeness, its historical trajectory, and its willingness to constantly review and update in the face of new economic, production and environmental sustainability scenarios. We understand that BDporc should be valued as a great ally for the collective advancement and modernization of the pork sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any swine farm/company, regardless of the management software used.

Transmit, periodically (quarterly), the basic data on animal movements (registrations, matings, births, etc.) in computerized format.

  • Comparative information of your company and your farms, with reference groups (by autonomous communities, by farm size, by cycle, etc.) and European groups (France and Holland).
  • Possibility of online access to:
    • consultation of your data
    • customized reporting
    • use of decision support tools.
  • Regular receipt of the BDporc newsletter.
  • Participation in the Porc d’Or Awards.

BDporc guarantees the confidentiality of individual company information.

The BDporc System has 3 types of users:

  • Pig production companies subscribed to BDporc.
  • Institutions (public agencies, associations…)
  • Other users (public access)

To facilitate users:

  • Online access to the information generated in BDporc.
  • Access to analysis and decision support tools.
  • Interactive and customized report generation.

For companies:

  • Easy permanent and protected access to the company’s own data from any device and location (through the Internet).
  • Immediate integration of the company’s data with the information generated periodically by BDporc (reference standards) for a joint analysis.
  • Availability of online tools to facilitate the analysis of results and decision support within the company.
  • Permanent electronic access to all of the company’s performance reports prepared by BDporc on a regular basis.
  • Tools for the interactive generation of customized reports of the company’s own results.

For Institutions (public agencies, associations, etc.)

  • Easy permanent access to the information generated by BDporc such as the periodic reference reports.
  • Tools for evolutionary analysis of results.
  • Tools for comparative analysis of results.
  • Tools for interactive report generation.
  • Predictive analytics.

For the general public

  • Access to the annual results information of the main reference groups.

Online access to the information generated by BDporc.

In order to provide easy access to services from any computer in any geographical location, BDporc has been developed based on:

  • Use of the Internet to communicate (due to its wide geographical coverage and standardization of protocols);
  • Use of Web Server technology (http), for its ease of use, scalability and integration of services;
  • Generation of dynamic pages through Java 2 Enterprise (JSP) and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) for content customization to each user and each need.
  • To join BDporc, the farm must have a management software program that allows sending technical-productive data of the mothers periodically.
  • Joining BDporc is formalized by means of a contract, where IRTA commits to provide the contracted services and guarantee the confidentiality of your data.

You can contact us by filling out this
or by sending us an email to bdporc@irta.es.