Digital transformation. New features of BDporc

In a scenario marked by digital transformation, BDporc is currently in the midst of a renewal process. In addition to launching a new logo and public website, all data collection, storage and processing processes are being updated with the aim of going much further in the scope and usefulness of this unique information platform for the swine sector.

To this end, the project “BDporc: digitalization, sensorization and augmented analytics for the efficiency and sustainability of the pork sector” has been launched. The project aims to expand the scope and usefulness of BDporc by incorporating 4.0 technologies and data of different types throughout the production cycle, including transition and fattening farms. In the mid term, the objective is to provide valuable information on new aspects related to the efficiency and environmental sustainability of pig farms, together with powerful but intuitive decision support tools. In the long term, it is expected that BDporc will be the core of a digital platform for comprehensive information on the pork sector, bringing together information generated at the different stages of the production chain, providing a powerful information tool at different levels and enabling short- and long-term predictions.

The management of all this new information, together with the needs for change in the sector to adapt to the future requirements, are currently the subject of in-depth analysis and discussion within BDporc group, in the meetings of the Porc d’OR Awards Juries and with the sector.

The derived conclusions will necessarily result in new functionalities for the platform and in the establishment of new criteria for the Porc d’Or Awards. We will keep you posted of the progress!