Córdoba will host the celebration of the Porc d’Or Ibérico 2024 awards

On July 5, the Córdoba Conference Center will host the 8th Iberian Porc d’Or Awards Gala, awards designed to recognize the professionalism, excellence and commitment to sustainability of the Iberian pork sector.

• Organized by IRTA with the collaboration of ASICI and Ceva Salud Animal.
• This year a new award is introduced, the CEVA Animal Health “One Health” Award.
• The deadline is open to fill out the surveys that allow you to opt for the Special Prizes.
• The Jury will meet on April 5 to decide the nominated and winning farms.

The city of Córdoba has been the place chosen this year to host the next July 5 8th edition of the Iberian Porc d’Or Awards, Awards for excellence in Iberian pig production that return to a reference enclave of Iberian pig production, and where the 2nd edition of these Awards was already held.

The venue for the Awards will be the Córdoba Congress Palace, an emblematic space in the heart of the city’s historic center in front of the Mosque-Cathedral, which on July 5 will bring together more than 450 professionals related to the sector. Iberian pig to recognize the good work of the sector and, especially, of its farmers, rewarding the best Iberian pig farms in our country.

The Awards, organized by the Institute of Agri-Food Research and Technology (IRTA) in collaboration with the Interprofessional Association of the Iberian Pig (ASICI) and the company Ceva Salud Animal, will have special support from premium sponsors IFR Group, Farm Faes, OPP Group and Banasegur, along with other companies in the sector that will participate as sponsors and collaborators.

“We are very pleased to bring the Porc d’Or to the wonderful city of Córdoba, where we celebrated one of the most emblematic Galas of these Awards six years ago. We are looking forward to sharing this new Gala full of emotions and with some new features with all the farmers and representatives of the Iberian pig sector,” the organization of the awards points out.

The Iberian Porc d’Or have a new award: the Special One Health Award from CEVA

As in previous editions, this year awards will be given to Iberian pig farms that, within each of the three categories according to farm size, are the most outstanding in relation to three productive criteria: Live Births, Farrowing Rate and Productive Longevity. One gold, one silver and one bronze statuette will be awarded for each criterion within each category, resulting in a total of 27 awards.

The precious Special Awards will also be awarded, of course, which are decided after the visit of a delegation of the Jury to the nominated farms: the Iberian Porc d’Or from the MAPA to Sustainability that recognizes excellence in aspects of health, animal welfare and the environment; the Iberian Porc d’Or at Maximum Productivity for that farm that, among all categories, has the best productive performance; the Iberian Porc d’Or to Outdoor Production aimed at Iberian farms with access to the outdoors, and which values ​​the integration of the farm with the environment along with high zootechnical and health standards; and the highest award, the Iberian Porc d’Or with Diamond, in which excellence in overall management, animal handling and compliance with health and welfare standards is jointly evaluated.

And this year a fifth Special Award is introduced in the Iberian Porc d’Or: the One Health Award from Ceva Salud Animal. This Award, designed by Ceva and which will also be evaluated by the Awards Jury, seeks to recognize the joint work of farmers and veterinarians who implement innovative measures on their farms to improve animal health with the perspective of One Health. Those interested can consult the bases and obtain more information at this link:

Porc d’Or Awards – Ceva Services Platform for Pigs (porciplanet.com)

Farms candidate for the Special Awards can fill out their surveys

On April 5, the Jury of the Porc d’Or Ibérico awards will meet at the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MAPA), in Madrid. The members of the Jury, prominent professionals related to pig farming and deep experts in the Iberian pig sector, will decide which farms will be nominated and awarded with any of the gold, silver and bronze statuettes. Likewise, the farms nominated for the Special Awards will be decided, which will subsequently be contacted and visited by a Delegation of the Jury.
The evaluation for the nominations for the Special Awards is carried out considering the surveys completed by the candidate farms on various aspects related to health, animal welfare, integration into the environment or environmental management. The deadline is open for farms to fill out the surveys that allow them to opt for the following Special Prizes:

Iberian Porc d’Or from the MAPA to Sustainability

You can fill out the survey with the link
or by completing the downloadable Word document below and sending it to the mail bdporc@irta.es
(deadline until March 31)

Iberian Porc d’Or to Outdoor Production

You can fill out the survey with the link
or by completing the downloadable Word document below and sending it to the mail bdporc@irta.es
(deadline until March 31)

One Health Iberian Porc d’Or from CEVA Animal Health

You can fill out the survey with the link:

Participation form. Ibérico – Plataforma de Servicios Ceva para Porcino (porciplanet.com)

or by completing the downloadable Word document below and sending it to the mail bdporc@irta.es
(deadline until May 6)

BDporc, the pillar of the Awards

The basis that supports the Porc d’Or Ibérico awards is the BDporc, the reference data bank for Iberian pigs, which reflects the efficiency and continuous improvement of Iberian pig production. This tool, managed by IRTA, is a service for the Spanish Iberian pig sector whose main objective is to have a reliable database that allows analyzing the situation of the Iberian pig and provides reference information to pig production companies such as aid in decision making.

More information:https://bdporc.irta.es/

See you in Córdoba at the next Edition of the Porc d’Or Ibérico Awards!

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