Countdown to the 30th anniversary of the Porc d’Or Awards

The Porc d’Or awards aim to encourage and recognize the work of Spanish pork companies in the continuous improvement of the efficiency and quality of pork production.

The Llotja de Lleida Conference Center has been the setting chosen by the Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (IRTA) to host the celebration of the 30th edition of the Porc d’Or awards.

A very special gala full of surprises in which we will have stellar performances as well as a novel staging and worthy of a unique and unrepeatable anniversary for the Porc d’Or Awards. Registration to attend the 30th anniversary of the Porc d’Or Awards on October 20 is open until October 13.

This 30th anniversary brings with it several notable novelties and the first comes from the hand of Ceva Salud Animal, designing the new One Health Special Award with the aim of recognizing the joint work of the team made up of the farmer and the farm’s veterinarian, as well as promoting and giving voice to actions and projects that promote the comprehensive One Health approach in pig farms.

On the other hand, the organization has created another new award, the Porc d’Or Award for Lactation Management, which will award a gold statuette in each category and for which 12 farms are competing. Its objective is to recognize, among reproductively efficient farms, those that stand out for a high survival rate of piglets during lactation and good management practices in maternity farms. IRTA wants to recognize the efforts of farmers not only with productive parameters, but also with aspects of animal welfare, health and the environment.

Prizes that will accompany two of the Special Prizes that were already being awarded:
● Starting this year, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Award will be renamed the MAPA Award for Sustainability, and is awarded to a farm that stands out from the rest in animal health and well-being and respect for the environment. An award that has three nominated farms.
● The Porc d’Or with Diamond, the highest award, which will go to the best farm of the three nominated white-coated pigs based on its productive results, its overall management and handling, complying of course with the standards health, zootechnical and animal welfare.

In addition, a total of 87 nominated farms are eligible to win the gold, silver and bronze Porc d’Or statuettes (which will debut a new design in this edition) based on three production criteria and classified into four categories by their census; In addition, for the first time, a gold will be awarded for each category in the Lactation Management Award.

Finally, the 30th edition of the Capa Blanca Porc d’Or Awards deserves a gala dinner worthy of this unique and special celebration, so there is no one better than Nandu Jubany with his catering company Jubany Events, a line of business for which it received the Fuera de Serie Gourmet 2021 Award for Best Catering.

Organized by IRTA with the support of Ceva and Interporc

The Porc d’Or awards, annual and statewide, are based on the BDporc, the Porcine Reference Data Bank, a tool managed by IRTA to provide reference information to pig production companies as an aid element in making decisions.
Organized and created by IRTA, these awards for excellence in pork production have Ceva Salud Animal as the new main partner from 2023 and the Interprofessional of the White Coated Pork (Interporc), which has accompanied the Porc d’Or since its the beginning.
During these 30 years, the awards have recognized the work, professionalism, effort and extraordinary essential work of hundreds of companies and pig farms throughout Spain. Some awards that are awarded by a jury made up of personalities of recognized prestige in the industry, livestock research and administration.
Likewise, since this year the Porc d’Or Awards have a reduced list of Premium Sponsors that stand out for their commitment and support for the Porc d’Or Awards practically from their origins: Farm Faes, IFR Group, OPP Group, Rotecna and Banasegur.

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