New Criteria in the Iberian Porc d’Or Awards

In order to consider aspects that account aspects of animal welfare and the efficient use of resources in the Porc d’Or Awards, the Porc d’Or Ibérico Awards Jury has decided to establish and modify the following criteria in relation to the evaluation of the farms nominated for the awards of the 7th Edition of the Porc d’Or Ibérico Awards 2023:

  • Farms with more than 20% of weaned piglets of less than 21 days of age will be discarded as candidates for the prizes.
  • In relation to the Porc d’Or Longevity Award, it was agreed to eliminate the criteria for eliminating farms with more than 8 farrowings per sow on leave.
  • In relation to the Special Porc d’Or Awards (MAPA Porc d’Or for Health, Animal Welfare and Environment, Iberian Porc d’Or for Maximum Productivity, Iberian Porc d’Or for Outdoor Production, and Porc d’Or with Diamond) it is agreed not to reward those farms that:
    • Do not exceed 80% survival of piglets at weaning
    • Do not present consistent data between adopted and retired piglets
    • Do not record abortions

It is expected that the conditions established in this last point will be extended to all the awards in future editions.

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